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Take4 Squishmallow Game

Take4 Squishmallow Game

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Take your Squishmallows obsession to the next level with Squishmallows: Take4. This epic card game is a quick-thinking, fast-acting adventure where you compete to be the first to collect 4 cards of the same Squad. Just be warned—if you reach for the same Squad Card as someone else, you both have to race to grab Benny! Whoever gets him first gets to keep the card. It's action-packed fun for the whole fam, perfect to play with your friends, kids, siblings, and more!

  • Pop Insider 2023 Winner for Top Gifts for Kids!
  • Calling All Squishmallows Fans: Meet the official Squishmallows game. It's an action-packed race to get 4 of the same Squad Cards! 
  • Fun For The Whole Fam: This game is for players 8+, meaning everyone can jump in on the fun. Includes 1 Exclusive Squishmallows, 84 Cards, and Instructions.
  • If it doesn't say Official Squishmallows™ Product, it's not the real thing. Look for our official seal and join the squad! 
  • "How To Play: Start with 4 Squad Cards and 4 number cards of your own. Then, set out 4 Squad Cards and number cards in the center, along with the exclusive Benny The Bigfoot Squishmallows.
  • Choose which Squad card you need to get closer to completing your full Squad. On the count of three, you all reveal the number you chose. Head's up—if you reveal the same number card as someone else, you'll have to race to grab Benny The Bigfoot before your opponent to keep it! First one to collect a full Squad wins!" Brought to you by What Do You Meme?® Check out our full collection of fun stuff for adults, kids, and families.
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